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Yanbu Royal Commission and Skytower Investments Signed Industrial Development MOU Agreement

COP28 on Climate Change

We Support Preventive and Diagnostic Biotech Technology Innovations

Creating Value through Sustainable Climate Resilient Investment

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Energy Vault Starts Commissioning EVx Gravity Energy Storage System In China

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Our Future, Our Legacy!

Embrace Sustainability

Global Sustainability is a Global Responsibility

NCSD was founded with the idea that people need and learn by example and NGO’s fulfill their msiion by delivering workable solutions to expand opportunity for all!

NCSD began its mission 24 years ago developing market solutions and methods to restoring contaminated land to productive community use. This set the approach we still use today.

Energy and Sustainability

Energy is the lifeblood of modern civilization and enables growth and prosperity. Traditional production methods and the long lasting effects of that production leave great unappreciated …

Environment Solutions

The Environment is where we all live, what we breathe, what we eat and how we shape it to suit both our economic and political needs. There is no escape from our treatment of the …

Water Resources Management

Water is indispensable to planetary life and human civilization. Only 2.5% of Earth’s water is fresh, with two-thirds of that is currently locked away in ice caps and glaciers, and most of the …

Healthcare and Biotech

Our mission is to bring together partners by supporting investment through technology and service innovation to create opportunities for better preventive healthcare environment …

Youth Development

At NCSD, we believe that our future society can be a promising one if we accept a youth perspective. It is critical, we believe, to have young professional minds to constantly …

Climate Change

Climate change is everyone’s business. Climate change is now acknowledged as a global problem and while global solutions and the agreement are long-term issues we believe we …

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