Industry Focus


The sustainable development of the natural environment is the foundation of sustainable development of human society. Mankind has unavoidable responsibility for the sustainability of the natural environment upon which the future of humanity rests. Industrial civilization creates huge wealth for human society, however, it also causes unprecedented damage to the natural environment. Among the pollution of air, water and soil, the soil and groundwater pollution has more subtle, long-term and complex damages to the human health, as well as, it is more difficult and costly to remediate and is the most challenging and long-term environmental liabilities that human beings have to address.

NCSD, since its inception, actively participates in the United States’ soil remediation financing and business model innovation, successfully promotes the fine circulation model of remediation financing and commercial redevelopment for a number of brownfields in the United States, and accumulates rich experience in the field of soil remediation. NCSD has, subsidiary supporting organization, also a nonprofit known as the Brownfields Stewardship Fund which has demonstrated successfully the return of contaminated real property to the commercial marketplace in the United States with the highest regulated standard for human health and safety.

NCSD’s main demonstration project in sustainable environment field is to work together with its strategic partners to actively propagate the concept of “soil environmental liability rick management and control”, promote the application of “environmental liability risk control AI data management solution”, and thus share the lessons learned from the United States for over 40 years of experience in soil remediation field and cost 10 billions of dollars with Asia. United States, through over 50 years of environmental liability and risk management has successfully transformed the traditional way of managing environmental business to big data service platform, offering soil, surface water, underground water environmental liability and risk management and control information services for all major sectors of business such as petrochemical companies, steel, manufacturing, chemical plants and the U.S. government.

NCSD believes that the promotion of AI driven data management technology is the future and will help Europe and Asia come up with a top-level design in the soil and ground water remediation and decarbonization field to effectively address the major challenges of environmental liability management, as well as, to contribute to the global cooperation in the sustainable environment field.