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From the vantage point of 2023, the focus of industries human, commercial and industrial has a new hurdle which always has been present but is entering a new age. The new landscape has gone from resource acquisition and management to a much large realm of resource availability and its future. This must be an analysis which confront all who produce goods and services and all who consume such products. The world is confronted with now “true costs” of supplying vast markets far away in terms of new needed recognition of the balance of energy, environment and true costs.

Today industry must account for the carbon produced and the emissions produced because the societal effect is now recognized as far beyond the marketplace. Twenty years ago, no one counted the environmental impacts of production, movement of goods, acquisition of resources, true costs of electric power etc. but now these factors are included as leading costs of “profitability” written large across a society.

Today, terms such as Decarbonization, Green Energy Innovation, Environmental Solutions and Water Resource Management are integral to traditional industrial and commercial product development and production awareness across all global industries. This is not temporary change it is defining change and historical change:

This change is as critical to understand the dynamics of the era ahead as understanding the role of unrestrained and unregulated capitalism was to the profit centric industrial revolution two hundred years ago. Just as the industrial revolution had profound impact on the development of European society and its overseas march caused the world to conform to one style of economic growth so to, we believe the more informed and greater communications will enable a much bigger change for humanity, neither a soft landing but neither an apocalypse. Humans adjust, that is our basic survival instinct and once people get the idea that they can survive and prosper it will be easier to accept as the new way forward.

What people need right now are tools, both technological and policy that make the objectives sought by the marketplace and governmental leadership is achievable and most likely better economically than before.

NCSD and its affiliate Atlas Renewable LLC have sprung to meet the challenge of providing the tools needed to do the job efficiently, cost effectively and quickly. That is our nonprofit niche and we work hard at achieving it across industry sectors in the primary role of decarbonization, environmental solutions and “Green Energy Innovation.”

To support this mission NCSD provides a business development acceleration services platform to facilitate SMEs in the United States in engaging international partners in investment, market access and technology licensing. With the mission to promote the sustainability, we select industries that have high impact on the subject and leading to address the issues.

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