Center For Green Innovation


Business Focus

Each small business company selected by NCSD to be placed on the CGI platform is treated individually according to their position in the product market acceleration, technology development and fund raising pathway. The key sectors CGI is focused on include Green Energy Innovation, Environment Solutions, Manufacturing Technology, Healthcare and BioTech and Water Resources in accordance with NCSD mission and objectives.

In 2024, the center focus of CGI will be,

  • Year of Examples for No Carbon Development

The NCSD has set a complex agenda for this coming year: continuing to rely upon “demonstration” of needed practical solutions through constructive examples that can teach across the usual barriers of language, culture and historical resource use. To achieve significant decarbonization gains in industrial and commercial sectors: we have come to more fully appreciate how significant change may not require major but rather subtle changes over time if applied with consistency. Such subtle changes can start when there is a recognition of the value of conserving resources for the long term needs of all.

The exciting recognition from this past year’s work has been how technology can help “repurpose” harmful byproducts into substitues from traditional manufacturing uses of basic industrial core industries such as petroleum refining. NCSD along with its partners are now exploring new uses for products of the refinery industry that previously had been regarded as only a source for thermal value to create electricity but in doing so added huge amounts of atmospheric pollution through carbon emissions.

  • New “Demonstration Venues” needed for Environmental Solutions

NCSD has responsed to new developing relationships during this past year in both Saudi Arabia and Mongolia to examine issues identified to NCSD as both valuable to these nations in their pursuit of  low carbon solutions but also to sustainable development for their people (particularly young people) who are keenly aware of the crisis that is Climate Change. It may appear on the surface that Climate Change creates an the economic predicament that apprears to narrow their future opportunities for themselves and their children.

Climate Change is creating an inflection point in human history much like previous ones that require collaboration and shared values to work for outcomes using existing resources for new and better economic opportunities. Environmental issues often can be readily mitigated with widespread adoption of new technologies and supportive economic policy changes. Technology can allow for conservation of resources and replacement of scarce for readily available resources.

In both Mongolia and Saudi Arabia, NCSD as an international NGO doesn’t bring a ready made plan but starts by asking the questions about  “ their needs: for example, more reliable electric power for commercial and industrial uses.” The people know what is needed and it allows for others to help more directly and successfully.

  • Green Energy Innovation

As 2024 begins, the world is quickly gaining some useful models of green power that serve people as well as the needs of sustainable development: preparing a foundation for more resilient low arbon economic activity. NCSD has found that within the “green” energy story is full of new resources we knew existed but did not fully undertand how they could be harness and serve to create new solutions.

In an economic paradym, the “ green-ness” of products or how they are sourced creates an economic premium. So the marketplace is gradually supplanting the desire of popel and governments to create cleaner air and water. This is perhaps a point of pride for NCSD which has always subscribed to the economic imperative to the value of doing what society “wants” as a key driver in achieving outcomes.

  • Water Resources Management

More than power, water is and has been the arbiter of who and what succeeds and who and what does not. Water is abundant on earth but 98 % of it is not potable the standard for people and industries: referred to as clean water. This naturally occurring resource is one that we know a lot about but again technology can all us to do more with less. Already we have seen that water is a critical issue of Climate Change and its loss or overabundance will change our global society in the greatest fashion imaginable. This is a great priority and increasingly will define as it has for all of history who succeeds and who perishes.

Water is a requirement for sustainable development, as well as life itself and is perhaps the greatest unknown because it is the climate itself which has been key to this outcome. We can control what people do, can change their ways of doing things but Climate is currently beyond our control. Therefore, we must conserve and make water a priority but unfortunately it is something over which we have no way to manufacture it only cherish what we have and hope for more.