Climate Change

Climate change is everyone’s business. Climate change is now acknowledged as a global problem and while global solutions and the COP 21 agreement are long-term issues we believe we can and must demonstrate that there is a “middle way” between doing nothing and a total global solution. We will undertake projects and programs which will inform, educate, demonstrate and share practices that are locally responsible and that encourage local communities to create jobs and stimulate economic benefit while slowly removing the generation of GHG from the economic and social equation. We welcome similar efforts by all who seek to promote the global sustainable low carbon economy.

Demonstration Projects



A Civilization Journey of Climate

“Warm and Cold, We Share Together… A Civilization Journey of Climate”, a 12-episode TV Series Documentary on Climate Change, sponsored by NCSD along with China CCTV and the support from business leaders, institutions, NGOs and governments is not the interpretation of climate science or the presentation of the climate crisis. From the viewpoint of human history and environment, this documentary presents a climate journey of civilization, from which we may derive inspiration on future approaches to economic development.

The documentary aims to deliver the development of global warming and present the possible future trends and impact of climate change – but more importantly – to raise environmental awareness and take responsibility for action to protect and enhance the human environment.

Episode 1

Sea level, the Atmosphere and the Clock of the End

Episode 2

White Cotton Yarn, Black Fossil and the Lord of the World

Episode 3

Li Hongzhang, Edison and Frankenstein

Episode 4

Black Gold, Credit Card and Global Warming

Episode 5

Rice, Flood, Migration

Episode 6

Iron tools, Peacock River, Legend of Loulan

Episode 7

Prairie, Great Wall, Scourge of God

Episode 8

Little Ice Age, Big Famine, Ebb and flow of the Empire

Episode 9

The Rhine, the Biosphere and New Energy

Episode 10

American Dream, LOHAS and Green City

Episode 11

Game, Sacrifice and Responsibility

Episode 12

Comedy, Tragedy, Warm and Cool Life