2020 New Infrastructure-Green Investment Conference

The 2020 New Infrastructure Green Investment Forum (NIGI) will be hosted by China Investment Association on November 8th, 2020 in Shanghai. As part of China International IMPORT EXPO venue, the conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, industry leaders and investment experts to share their innovative experiences, applications and research results on all aspects of renewable energy development, including efficiency, storage,investment, technology and policy. NIGI provides a premier industry platform for researchers, leading technology experts and government agencies to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of renewable energy investment, efficiency and policy.

The National Center for Sustainable Development(NCSD) as a partner of the conference collaborated with the Sinoaccess Group to jointly pursue active dialogue with renewable industry leaders and companies to help bridge business cooperation opportunities between the United States and China. Climate change, is a huge global issue and has a bearing on the survival and development of human society, and action is urgent. China is entering a new era of high “quality” development: a crucial period for China’s economy to transition from high-speed growth to high “quality” economic, environmental and societal development.

On September 22nd, 2020 President Xi announced China’s commitment for carbon neutrality by year 2060 and with the new policy China will start a new journey to achieve the China “second century” green development goal. The national energy industry will also enter a comprehensive energy utilization development to tackle climate change, and put low-carbon development as a specific priority to implement high “quality” development of the Chinese economy.

Green development is a global future resource utilization trend. It is necessary to optimize the energy structure and promote the energy revolution through innovation, and promote the application of clean energy production and storage as the main direction of the new global green economy.

The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of China clearly mandated this direction:
• Development of green, and low-carbon cycle development,
• Build a clean and low-carbon energy system,
• Advocate a green and low-carbon lifestyle,
• Implement emission reduction commitments, and
• Cooperate with all parties to jointly tackle climate change.

China Investment Association, Energy Investment Professional Committee, working together with National Center for Sustainable Development is committed to promoting the transition from low-carbon to zero-carbon. The conference will encourage carbon free oriented technological innovation in energy production, storage and conservation. Further the conference and its attendees promote the successful experience in China and elsewhere and illustrates typical cases of zero-carbon applications, explore forward-looking, innovative, and pragmatic topics, amd promote the future of China’s carbon free development.