Guiyang City, Guizhou Province — On January 4, 2020, in order to implement the revitalization strategy of overcome poverty and linking up rural areas which issued by the Central Government, and better promote the economic and social development of Guizhou, the “Public Relations • Focusing on Guizhou’s Poverty Alleviation Forum & Targeted Aid Donation Ceremony ” co-sponsored by the Guizhou International and Domestic Public Relations Association (Guizhou PRA), China International Public Relations Association was held at the Guiyang Ecological International Conference Center. More than 400 people from high-level national think tanks, heads of relevant business associations in nationwide, entrepreneurs and experts attended the Forum. Mr. Eric Fang, President of NCSD, was invited to attend the meeting.

As a consultant of the Guizhou International and Domestic Public Relations Association and a special guest of the Forum, Mr. Eric Fang, together with several other experts, had significant dialogue and made a speech on the roundtable dialogue of the Forum, focus on better promoting Guizhou’s economic and social development and helping Guizhou to fight poverty. Mr. Fang hopes to utilize the resources of NCSD together with Guizhou PRA, following the strategic deployment policies of the State Council, to help Guizhou to in its fight to lift up the poverty in three areas of work: 1) provide assistance for the transformation and upgrading of Guizhou SMEs; 2) introduce high-end education resources and teaching tools for early childhood education in poor areas; and 3) to work with Guizhou to build the first Guizhou House in the United States, to allow foreign families to better understand and appreciate Guizhou culture and contribute to Guizhou’s ‘Going Global’ strategy.