Beijing-June 17, 2019–To further promote the achievements of the first strategic cooperation meeting held among BODA International Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“BODA Group”), ANDE (“ANDE”) and the National Center for Sustainable Development (“NCSD”) in Beijing on April 19, 2019, and to support the “China Longivity City” Project of BODA Group through the introduction of ANDE’s world leading rapid DNA identification technology in China, BODA, ANDE and NCSD held a second round of strategic discussions on cooperation, and signed Letter of Cooperation at the meeting in Beijing on June 13th.

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Shuhai Niu, Chairman of the Board of BODA Group. Mr. George Heinrichs, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ANDE, Mr. John Sims, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ANDE, Mr. Eric Fang, President of the NCSD and President of ANDE China, Mr. Xinchao Qi, Director and Vice President of BODA Group, and the senior management team of the Parties attended the meeting and participated in the discussion.

According to the Letter of Cooperation, the Parties will cooperate to introduce ANDE technology and its instruments to conduct pilot projects with selective key organizations; and to complete the project feasibility and report to the governmental agencies at the earliest possible time.