China’s first Mobile Learning Laboratory was established in Beijing

November 17, 2010 – Beijing, China – Muuzii announced today that it has reached an agreement with the country’s leading information and telecom institute, the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), Software College to jointly establish a mobile learning laboratory at the University campus. This is the first of its kind of the application lab that will focus on mobile learning application research and development.

Mr. Song Maoqiang, Dean of the Software College of BUPT, Mr. Wu Guoshi, Professor of Software College, Mr. Eric Fang, CEO of Muuzii, Mr. Tom Fan, Director of Technology of Muuzii, Mr. Damian Omar Valdez, Trustee of The National Center for Sustainable Development(NCSD) from New York,. And Mr. Fu Xianglin, Spokesman of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. attended the laboratory inauguration ceremony.

Mr. Song Maoqiang addressed at the inauguration ceremony and said: ‘cooperate with Muuzii to establish this mobile learning laboratory will have profound effect on Software College’s development in the future. Muuzii, as a company, and BUPT, as a research and education institution, will both benefit from this cooperation. The university-enterprise cooperation model will incubate more and more innovative talents for teleommunications and information technology field.’ Mr. Tom Fan, represented Muuzii’s technical team introduced Muuzii’s technological vision and application research and development history to the faculty members and students at BUPT.

Mr. Eric Fang, CEO of Muuzii, added at the ceremony that Muuzii’s market success and achievement was largely contributed through our technical advancement and continues market research and development. “There is no better partner, other than BUPT that we would want to be with and share our success and together to innovate into the future of mobile learning through joint efforts of research and development. Mr. Fang introduced the Muuzii’s global marketing vision and innovative development strategy, and shared his 20 years’ experience in communication field. He said: ‘Mobile Learning is becoming the next frontier of cross field of education, telecommunication, information technology, wireless technology, and mobile application. Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous growth in mobile consumer space and it is the biggest market potential for valuable technology advancement especially the mobile learning sector”. He added “The joint lab establishment has a tremendous value to advance the maturity of mobile learning application and to drive innovation into the mobile learning field. Mobile Learning not only embodies interdisciplinary innovation characters, but also promotes the spread of excellent culture’. He encouraged the students to take part in the mobile learning research actively.

About BUPT

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) is a research-oriented university with information technology and telecommunications as its main feature. It offers a wide range of subjects including engineering, management, humanities and sciences, and most of its subjects and disciplines are related to applied science and engineering. BUPT enjoys a nationwide reputation for innovation and excellence in advanced research and learning in information and communication technology. It serves as one of the most important teaching and research bases for information technology and telecommunication industry in China. BUPT is one of the 73 Key National Universities under the leadership of the Ministry of Education of P.R.China. Founded in 1955, BUPT was originally named Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications. It was the first institute of higher learning for teaching and research in the fields of posts and telecommunications. In 1993, it was authorized to rename as its present name BUPT. Directly administered by the Ministry of Education, BUPT is one of the first 61 universities that were listed in the Project “211” Universities in 1995, which aims at strengthening 100 National Key Universities as a national priority for the 21st century. Since then, BUPT has greatly improved its quality of education, scientific research, management and institutional efficiency. In order to provide favorable academic environment, BUPT has established a complete campus network embracing the library, staff rooms, research centers, dormitories etc. Great efforts have also been made in bringing up a number of academic leaders and competent teachers who have high academic attainments and are prestigious both at home and abroad. In particular, the training of young academic leaders has been accelerated, and more and more outstanding talents are attracted to work at BUPT.

About Muuzii Technologies

Based in Houston, TX and Beijing, China, Muuzii is an innovative mobile Learning service that is based on mobile web 2.0 and SMS service platforms. Muuzii provides next generation multilingual mobile education learning services that assist both consumers and corporate subscribers to learn English, Chinese and Spanish phrases and slang via SMS, MMS and WAP at anytime, anywhere, on any device. Muuzii was founded in 2008 by Sinoaccess Corporation (a Texas Company) in conjunction with Sinoaccess Technologies, a Beijing based High Tech company, with the idea that mobile text messaging and mobile internet could be successfully applied to cross border language learning. The language learning and translation services are provided real-time and can be hosted internally within the mobile service provider or in an independent hosting environment. The services are primarily sold on a monthly subscription basis.