2021 China International Energy Conference and Clean Energy Innovation and Development Summit

NCSD/Sinoaccess News, December 14th, 2021, Washington DC: In partnership with China Overseas Development Association and China Petroleum Circulation Association the National Center for Sustainable Development and its affiliate Sinoaccess Group co-hosted the “2021 China International Energy Conference and Clean Energy Innovation and Development Summit” at the Concert Hall of Beijing Capital Building on December 14th Beijing time.

Mitchell F. Stanley, Chairman of NCSD and President of Sinoaccess, in his opening remarks stated “In 2011, NCSD, under the vision and leadership of then NDRC Director now Climate Envoy of China, Minister Xie, Zhenhua, contributed to China’s global commitment to raising awareness of the Climate Crisis working with the NDRC, The Ministry of Finance and CCTV on the thirteen-part epic “Warm and Cold: We Share Together” delivered to the Chinese people and the delegates to the Doha Climate Summit that year”.

This year, a decade later than “Warm and Cold”, COP26 was held in Glasgow, UK. Both the United States and China jointly issued a statement to work together to address the challenges of climate change. Today, the global energy industry is undergoing profound changes: including ESG compliance and energy conservation and carbon emission containment and reduction. “Over the last decade China’s initiative on managing its own climate change commitments has demonstrated to the world community its serious resolve to achieve 30/60 through innovation. While clean energy is the highest objective and innovation the pathway – there is an important need for Energy Security during this decade of transition to reach Carbon Peak in 2030 and Carbon Neutrality in 2060” added Mr. Stanley.

NCSD/Sinoaccess has always supported international cooperation based upon merit. Innovation is the work of all society and all sectors in society. NCSD/Sinoaccess believes that the small individual enterprises, are a hidden key to helping achieve 30/60. Individually small across the vast Chinese economy the reduction in carbon emissions can contribute is a hugely important role. Mandates are needed but enterprise profitability is the true driver of compliance with this effort.

“Today’s Clean Energy and Innovation Summit is focused on a series of subject included international cooperation, digital transformation, clean energy innovation and development under the 30/60 goal.” Eric Fang, the President of NCSD and Chairman of Sinoaccess added “NCSD working with a group of exceptional innovators, has fashioned an approach to SMEs quality management, waste reduction, profitability improvement that goes well beyond emissions control to be the implementation template sought by the national policy of “Digital Transformation.”

“Carbon pollution must be stopped on the enterprise floor before it enters the atmosphere. Reducing emissions when they are contained is cost effective when it enters the atmosphere it is impossible to stop! This is the fundamental truth America learned and China might profit from that experience as well,” Sinoaccess Chairman Fang noted.


The National Center for Sustainable Development (“NCSD”), a national 501(C)(3) not-for-profit corporation (“NGO”), was granted its nonprofit status by the U.S. Government in 2001 and is headquartered at 1701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington DC 20006. NCSD provides a business development acceleration services platform for SMEs in the United States. Since its founding, NCSD has promoted multi-level exchanges between China and the United States SMEs and achieves its goals through the propagation of demonstration projects to show the value of established multi-level engagements in the fields of energy, environment, water resources, biosciences, healthcare, and education. We actively initiating demonstration projects to promote sustainable development objective through business engagement and cooperation. The NCSD Board of Trustees consists of several former U.S. government officials and key organizations’ principals, that bring special expertise to the design and implementation of the demonstration projects NCSD undertakes.


Since the establishment of Sinoaccess Corporation in the late 80’s, the Sinoaccess Group has provided strategic advisory work in venture structuring, investment, business development and market access for major U.S. and China companies in respective markets. Our China office in Beijing was established in 1991. For over 30 years, we have provided global businesses, large or small, valuable advice for successfully entry into the constantly evolving China market. In the past three decades, major companies like Scientific Atlanta, AT&T Tridom, GE Capital Spacenet, Spar Aerospace of Canada, Tektronix, L-3 Communications, Comsat RSI and Orbcomm International have all benefited from our market development work with them in China and Asia. Our expertise is well established in other areas such as clean and renewable energy, environmental management, healthcare, biotech, water resources management, satellite and wireless communications systems.