Episode 1

Sea level, the Atmosphere and the Clock of the End

Today’s climate is undergoing intense change, the speed of which exceeds that which current global human civilization can easily adjust.

From the drought in Kenya to the flooding of the Thames, to the Maldives which is facing its own devastating rising sea level, from the melting ice in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the storms in India, from the melting of Arctic sea ice to the ozone hole over Antarctic, our world in facing a critical test of climate which is causing hardship and no easy solutions to cope with such rapid climate change.

Many believe that the change of global climate began with the massive pollution of the earth’s environment resulting from the Industrial Revolution. Humankind had been in harmony with climate in a relatively stable relationship for ten of thousands of years, why have the 200 years of the industrial based civilization led to such a crisis. Is it possible that human beings and their pursuit of an industrial based economy have had such a great impact on nature?