Beijing, China December 4, 2008 – Sinoaccess Investments signed the ERPA Agreement with Yuxi-Xinhua Water Resources & Hydroelectric Investment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinhua Water Resources & Hydroelectric Investment today. Xinhua is one of the largest professional water resources and hydroelectricity projects investment company under Ministry of Water Resources of China. Start from this ERPA Agreement, Sinoaccess Investments and Xinhua Company will start to jointly develop renewable energy projects in China and CER trading in global carbon market. Mr. Wang Wenke, Chairman of Xinhua Corporation, Mr. Ding Shuangyue, General Manager of Xinhua, Mr. Eric Fang, Chairman of Sinoaccess Investments and Mr. Damian Valdez, President of Sinoaccess Investments presented the Agreement signing ceremony, and expressed that all parties are very pleased on the great successful beginning of the cooperation, and looking forward to the great achievements in the renewable energy field in China.