Technology Licensing and Collaboration


Technology licensing and collaboration is an important step to commercialize production and accelerate mutual benefit. Today’s world is an integrated solution world that requires the common sharing of ideas and solutions. Technology licensing is one key to achieve the cooperation goal between businesses. We look at each case and recommend the best possible way to reach the greatest overall value of technology at the same time to balance the cost associated with the development and maintenance of a well structured, verifiable and transparent business cooperative structure. This is all tempered by a deep understanding of the technology owners needs and tolerances. If such needs are unrealistic we cannot provide a suitable and good outcome and therefore will tell such an enterprise upfront: as part of our nonprofit mandate!

NCSD has the experience based upon its prior overseas work to understand what features go into a mutually satisfying business transaction. In some cases a licensing might make sense and in some cases it may not: but it is an option. American small business companies might instead wish to produce their products in the US and find a broker or distributor in a foreign country and seek market access in that fashion. This is one aspect of the decision-making process that NCSD can assist its clients with.