The NCSD’s goal beginning twenty years ago remains relevant and possibly more important today:  to help American small business to accelerate their growth and their economic sustainability. This is accomplished through our help, through the platform of advice, market access strategies and useful counsel. Small businesses are still greatly underserved by a lack of information and access to the world at large.

There are many ways to approach gaining a larger market share for American companies overseas that require assessing risks and recognizing opportunities presented by overseas markets and needs. We advise American small businesses on business risks, county’s risks and practice risks associated with business engagement and development, adding our experiences to give a true development path forward to help small business achieve success.

Success many times rests on finding the right overseas partner, engaging on the right platform and practice on the right environment. In line with our non profit charter we must generate income when that is warranted but we will give you advice you might not want to hear if you, your business and your product lack the capacity to undertake the journey! We are capacity builders to help in your success.

Many major markets remain today virtually the sole domain of large and aggressive American businesses when indeed it is the small business “ecosystem” in the United States is the most innovative and has the niche products if they could find a way to export. America remains a leader in innovation because of a unique set of factors unknown in developing countries.

If “your product has merit and is broad in its applicability for conditions in the developing world” you will need a manager such as NCSD to help you succeed. The US government is established to do many things but its view of market access is bound up in a hundred different issues, treaties and often punitive approaches that spill over and effect the broad business climate in pursuit of political objectives.

NCSD is not political nor is it concerned with changing anyone’s opinions: rather it is concerned with the useful work of strengthening the American small business sector to compete in the world marketplace, one business at a time.