Business Strategic Advisory


For more than 20 years, NCSD has introduced American small businesses to the international marketplace. Our core services to small business focus on three aspects of international integration: the market access, investment and technology collaboration. Many small business firms focus on how to advancing their business functions to surpass the competition. They look for opportunities to leverage technology, digital labor, analytics, and service delivery options to create agility. Our strategic advice looks at all the possible solutions and work with our clients to map out a clear path to drive corporate strategy with an international market vision.

Most American small businesses do not now and have never exported their products to take advantage of many international markets. The US internal market has been so big for so long it may be enough for many small US manufacturers. Many other however realize that they have often keen competition for products long established in the US marketplace. Commodity products are the ones that really are now keenly contested by foreign competition and in general have the lowest margins. US small businesses that have developed products that solve specific problems with many US industries are often unknown in foreign markets even though the problems are the same.

US small businesses that produce innovative products but have a limited market in the US are the ones that should look to develop international solutions and these are the ones that NCSD is actively working with now. NCSD serves as the international advisor to suggest approaches that based upon experience and the need to structure a fit that is compatible with what the small business is trying to achieve.

Trying to achieve success with no real time understanding of the market, the policies of the nations that may have the best markets, and the best operating structure within that market will result in a chaotic failure. This is unfortunately the experience of many US small businesses but doesn’t have to be the case.