Sep 13th, 2010 – Tianjin, China – World Articulated Naturality Web (ANW) Forum, the sub-forum of the 2010 summer of World Economy Forum (Davos) held in Tianjin World Financial Center, Tianjin, China on Sep 13, 2010.

As founding member of this forum, The National Centre for Sustainable Development (NCSD) brings its low-carbon economy vision and initiative to the ANW forum to promote the sustainable low carbon technology development in the augmented reality technology field. NCSD have been worked for many years to promote the low carbon economy through innovations and technology advancement. With the world experts in mobile communications and professionals from augmented reality industry come together in Tianjin to shared the low carbon technology innovation and energy saving ideas in a new frontier of augmented reality technology development under the World Economic Forum, the launching of ANW is very timely and NCSD is proud to be the founding member of this forum.

Articulated Naturality Web fuses augmented reality (AR) and the Internet together. ANW technology services include video scene feature identification, image processing, multi-sensor coordination, real-time positioning, wireless access, media information, digital publication, entertainment and other fields of augmented reality. The combination of these components coupled with the Internet and mobile Internet technology will form an emerging industry. The organizers of the World ANW Forum have decided the annual meeting was necessary to support the standardization and commercialization of the ANW according to the international practice’s mission to drive the commercialization, internationalization, and futurization of the ANW throughout the world.

Eric Fang, Trustee and Vice President of NCSD stated at the forum:”With the development of augmented reality industry, people will have unprecedented experience in both daily social and professional life. This technology innovation apply to the mobile world will fundamentally change people’s life style and behavior and bring more idea in saving energy and low carbon emissions. While each technology innovation improves human life, it may also bring new challenges to the environment and carbon emissions, this makes us to reconsider the relationship between technology and natural. ANW is based on the thinking of human and nature, it provides us with a new way not only enjoy a new digital life, but also reduce the resource waste”.

As the pioneer in promoting low carbon economy and environmental friendly technology, NCSD will continue to work with ANW and its members to promote the environmental awareness in both China and USA, and support the advancement of innovative technology for the establishment of the green ecosystem.