January 10th, 2018 – The National Center for Sustainable Development (“NCSD”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Park China Holdings Limited (“Park China”). According to the agreement, the Parties expect to utilize NCSD’s 18 years experiences in managing with government resources, policies, regulations and project related agencies and project development/management in both China and the United States, and Park China’s advantages in the industrial park planning, development, investment, operation management and Park China’s brand influence in China, to jointly create a Sino-U.S. Bilateral Small Business Innovation Industrial Park aims to share industrial resources of the Parties and achieve the strategic development goal of promoting regional industrial development and Sino-U.S. industrial integration, through “bilateral incubation process” and “integration of global innovative resources”. Furthermore, the Parties plans to establish and improve jointly the first student advisory platform for Chinese students studied and graduated in the United States, and to provide one-stop advisory services for employment opportunities, professional life growth advisory/consulting and internships opportunities and training with selected organizations and companies in both United States and China.