January 20th, 2018 – Representing NCSD, Mr. Eric Fang, President of NCSD and Chairman of Sinoaccess Group was invited to attend the inaugural meeting of Energy Investment Committee (EIC) of China Investment Association in Beijing. More than 100 key members, representatives and industry experts from China Energy Investment Committee participated in the meeting.

The Energy Investment Committee is an industry professional organization under China Investment Association. Its goal is to work with the government energy policy related agencies, local governments, industry institutions and enterprises in assisting in framework establishment, providing policy related studies to promote industry innovation, green and renewable energy transformation and technology improvement.

180227-1-sEIC has been and will continue to focus on energy efficiency, low carbon emissions energy infrastructure, and green finance policy studies to help to build a better energy infrastructure in China. As an industry expert group, EIC mission is to assist both government agencies and industry groups in terms of policies, development frameworks establishment and serve as liaison between government and industry.

180227-2-sThrough the establishment of demonstration project platform, green financing platform, think-tank research platform, and industry datamining management platform, EIC will help to enhance the green technology innovation, build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and collaborate with the international energy community to further push energy efficiency in China.

180227-3-sMr. Mitchell Stanley, the Chairman of NCSD was appointed as a member of Chief Expert Group of EIC, Mr. Eric Fang was appointed as an Executive Member of EIC Council, Mr. Arnold Klan, NCSD board member and CEO of Bluefire Renewable Energy was appointed as EIC advisor.