June 8th, 2011 – Beijing, China – Muuzii announced today that it has reached a US marketing and sales cooperation agreement with Austin Tele-Services Partners, LP (“ATS”), a key partner in carrier relations, in April, 2011. ATS will serve as Muuzii’s exclusive partner in the United States and responsible for the marketing and distribution of Muuzii’s Chinese learning services through various mobile carries, such as AT&T, the largest mobile operator in the United States with 130 million mobile subscribers, including both enterprises and consumer customers. The corporation between Muuzii and ATS also covers the marketing and distribution to other international carriers such as Telstra of Australia, Telecom New Zealand and Mexico’s largest carrier Telcel.

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, China has become the world’s second largest economy, more and more people are learning Chinese language and interests is growing all around the world. “We believe, Muuzii has taken an innovative initiative to fundamentally change the way of language learning. The cooperation between Muuzii and mobile carriers from various countries provides a low cost and effective alternative to the traditional way of language learning and training. This new paradigm shall accelerate the adaptation of Chinese language around the world “, added Eric Fang, Chairman and CEO of Muuzii. ATS is the core partner of globally famous mobile operators such as AT&T, Telstra, and Telecom New Zealand. ATS has extensive experience in cooperating with mobile operators for many years and maintain a substantial data center resource in United States.