June 8th, 2011 – Beijing, China – Muuzii announced the launch of its series apps products, namely mWord in 9 different levels with various mobile application stores, including China Mobile’s Mobile Market store, China Telecom E-store, Google Market, Hiapk.com and GFan.com in Beijing. By the end of May, 2011, mWord series of Muuzii Apps have become the top viral apps downloads on China Mobile’s Mobile Market since its launch in January, a total of 468,295 downloads from users. mWord series is known for its practical and recreational nature and is recommended by ChinaDaily and 3 other top mainstream network media in China. mWord is a vocabulary challenge app game series designed to help English learners to memorize words with proven mobile learning methods, incorporating music, pictures, and interactive movement to increase vocabulary assimilation and retention. mWord is not only consistent with “the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve” and “Lightening learning Method”, but also embodies the edutainment learning method. With an innovative scientific product design and active user friendly screen interface, mWord made vocabulary learning a much easier task by playing the game, thus, improving study efficiency.