Internship Stars

Ms. Chunni Song (Dorothy)

Ms. Chunni Song is the leader of Program Assistant Group of NCSD, Sinoaccess, and Muuzii, where is delegated to operating NCSD, Sinoaccess, and Muuzii websites, and manage NCSD China WeChat and Weibo accounts.

Ms. Chunni Song has been the HR manager for Junior Achievement Economics Club during her high school, where had helped to hold business competitions and small forums several times. She also joined GW Women’s Leadership Network E-board during her freshman year at George Washington University.

Ms. Chunni Song originally comes from Beijing, China, and currently enrolled at George Washington University in the U.S. She graduated from the High School Affiliated to the Renmin University of China with certificates of A-level courses.

Ms. Shiyuan Wang (Letitia)

Ms. Shiyuan Wang, as a program assistant at National Center of Sustainable Development (NCSD), manages the website of NCSD, Muuzii, and Sinoaccess, including daily maintenances, development, and content editing.

Ms. Shiyuan Wang has been Art Editing Director at School’s Magazine during the high school, maintains daily operation of the department. In her college life, she joined DSSA group during her school year at university, organizes number of related activities to enhance her team work skill. She manages several WeChat Official Accounts for different organizations.

Ms. Shiyuan Wang comes from Beijing, China and finished her high school education at the High School Affiliated to Renmin University. She is currently enrolled at the University of Washington (UW).

Mr. Yilong Chen (Byron)

Mr. Yilong Chen is the Program Assistant at National Center of Sustainable Development (NCSD), where Yilong does the daily maintenance of the websites of NCSD, Muuzii, and Sinoaccess. 

Prior to joining NCSD, Yilong has had an intern job at the New Oriental as online class video editor. He finished his high school education in China and is currently a freshman at University of Washington.

Ms. Jiarui Li (Sally)

Jiarui is a program assistant who is in charge of graphic design for National Center for Sustainable Development (NCSD).

Before starting this job, Jiarui worked several months as an assistant in Being3 Gallery and a freelance writer in Bazaar Art. She is a sophomore-year student majored in art therapy in School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After the internship and study, Jiarui is helping the program with their website design.


Mr. Xinglan Shi (Steven)

Xinglan Shi is currently interning as an Executive Assistant to Mr. Mitchell Stanley, Chairman of the Board at NCSD, assisting with ongoing projects from the Washington DC office.

Xinglan recently graduated from the George Washington University with a degree in International Affairs and Music. In college, he was involved in student music groups, advocacy and community service efforts, and student affairs positions serving his fellow students. Xinglan has always engaged himself in sustainability and international development related causes through internship and volunteer opportunities during his college years.

Xinglan is from Beijing, China.

Ms. Cathy Tian

Ms. Cathy Tian recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a master degree in Petroleum Engineering. During graduate school, as a graduate research assistant, she enhanced understanding on methane hydrate dissociation and gas venting for preventing potential environmental hazard in future, while coordinating with Sandia National Labs.

Ms. Cathy Tian originally comes from Beijing, China, she is currently worked at Austin Core Research Center, creates algorithms to analyze sample data and generate reports using SQL, Python.