From its creation in 2000 the NCSD has been focused on the applicability of new people centric technologies to demonstrate how to solve increasingly clear needs that are placed by demands on natural and non-renewable resources. To reduce the demand for such one-time use scenarios for resources NCSD has worked to shape examples of practical ways to reuse and repurpose earlier technologies to adapt them for today and tomorrows demands. Our method is practical and sustainable we “teach” through “demonstration projects” new innovations to basic and proven technologies that can serve not only our current generation but well into the future as well.

In the areas of energy management is also the current compelling need for reduction of “emissions” which can come in many forms, but it is all pollution. This is the target of our work: help solve the constraints on industry and people caused by such pollution in the areas of air, water and land. To do this is to repurpose older cost effective technologies to adapt to produce values that were not the original intent but now are highly needed and valued.We know people understand better and are more creative when they can see a process at work and learn by example. This approach creates a recognition of potential in an innovative multi-dimensional approach to a previously one dimensional process.

NCSD is an NGO which sees value in bringing “new uses to practical methods and improving well being of the populations in the developing world as well as the developed world: we have one planet that must be conveyed to future generations with at least the opportunity the current generations enjoyed.”To support this mission NCSD provides a business development acceleration services platform to facilitate SMEs in the United States in engaging international partners in investment, market access and technology licensing. With the mission to promote the sustainability, we select industries that have high impact on the subject and leading to address the issues.

What is NCSD’s role with industry and with communities? NCSD tries to develop the middle ground of value generation for all while beneficiating ways of producing goods and services needed by people globally while reducing the strain on resources when it is not needed. We try to replace the “same old way of doing things” with the creativity to generate more value with less cost. This is a much needed global benefit and applies across the board in our thinking to solving problems of access to power, clean water, energy, and capital!