Healthcare and Bioscience


NCSD mission is to demonstrate what works and if possible improve on it: this is the sustainable way forward. COVID-19 has demonstrated some very important lessons that when stripped of the political rhetoric are rather simple. The old American adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is one familiar to all of a certain age! As a society we have become embroiled in an expensive and unsustainable medical path of dealing with symptoms and not causes.

Prevention is the cheapest and most effective response to a global pandemic but applies also to a healthy approach to living under normal circumstances. Without prevention based upon accurate and fast assessment of the underlying causes of infection and related diseases the world is giving to viruses the upper hand to become embedded in the individual. Invasive and infectious damage grows each minute and intervention is vastly more expensive and traumatic. To deal with COVID-19 and the inevitable future pandemics that will challenge humans we must develop the tools that shift the balance to the global community for early, accurate and effective intervention.

NCSD recognizes that the path to healthy communities involves aligning and integrating systems to better serve the health of people through education, technology and services. We share our unique experience, knowledge and passion to improve all areas of the health system and connect both United States and Asia on healthcare collaboration in preventive medicine, biotech research and development, medical technology application and healthcare data management and IOT services improvement. Over the past 10 years, our Health Program has partnered with biomedical research and development institutes, medical technology companies and medical education institutions and next generation of data driven IOT management services to ensure the modern technology development have access to people resources and apply to community via data management.

To continue our work to increase health in both America, Europe and Asia, we aim to build equity-focused systems of health to offers everyone an opportunity to have a healthy life regardless of race, gender or income. To achieve health equity in the United States and Asia, we work with our partners in globally across sectors to influence institutions, advance policies and develop leaders with the ability to transform healthcare systems to support the health and well-being for people.

Our mission is to bring together communities by engaging investment through technology and service innovation in the support of creating a healthier region. We believe a healthy community is a strong community. We work to create a healthier community by providing technology solutions in critical areas of healthcare needs, namely the access to healthcare, mental health and technology development. We often think of depression and mental illness only through the lens of affecting adults, but increasingly children face these same struggles. Early detection and prevention can assist children in learning betting coping and engagement strategies to work through problems. We work with institutions to focus on population health management, preventive medicine, mental health and early childhood development through these focus areas:

Integration of Health and Human Management Service

In partnership with advanced AI technology and services, we bridge the health, technology and human management services sectors to create more seamless, effective, and sustainable solutions that advance social and economic mobility and improve the preventive healthcare system and solution and well-being of people.

Institutional Investment in Preventive Healthcare

We aim to influence the investment policies and practices of institutions to create equitable and sustainable economies that contribute to healthy communities by investing preventive medicine. We also build the capacity of investment and development organizations to absorb and deploy investment in preventive medical technology, biotech solutions, advance research in medicine and diagnostic, vaccine and medicine improvements.

AI Data-Driven Solutions

We partner with communities and solution providers to drive locally determined solutions and service policies that influence systems, services and practices to create equitable conditions that improve well-being. Through AI Data-driven solutions, we support technology application merge with communities to improve quality of lives, community stability and environmental conditions.