Energy and Sustainability


Energy is the lifeblood of modern civilization and enables growth and prosperity. Energy in many forms is all around us and can serve many needs. The traditional ways we have produced the energy we need is worth a look to see how the side effects of its production and use can be transformed into more benign paths.

NCSD has always upheld the concept of innovation and energy production can and should always be seen as two sides of the same coin. Renewable energy has many good features but it has many limitations as well. One it cannot be saved outside of limited battery capacity. NCSD has encountered technology innovations which use the physics of nature to allow for storage of energy for residential cooling, and innovations to radically reduce automobile GHG emissions. Many of these energy innovations should prompt a reexamination of their utility for modern life.

Reducing GHG emissions is important for many reasons; obviously Climate Change is one but human health and economic sustainability are also entwined with reduced global pollution. NCSD is aware of the balance of what is economically practical and beneficial with the integration of supply chains and existing economic structures. Current and future sustainability is not based upon throwing out the old workable methods of producing the things people need and want: it is about improving the delivery of those things with fewer of the bad side effects through innovation.

NCSD is currently working with numerous American small businesses which are developing innovative fixes to long standing technologies which will improve delivery of goods and services in economical and non-disruptive ways. There are many problems with technology that we live with because they have never been reexamined for new potential benefits.

We will soon undertake a Center for Green Innovation in Houston, Texas designed to assist American small businesses showcase their improvements and make the funding for such improvements more beneficial to the technology owner. Key to our methodology is the protection of the intellectual property of entrepreneurs in the US small business sector. NCSD understands that the conveyance of Intellectual Property must reward the inventor by allow suitable and appropriate use of the technology with adequate safeguards that satisfy the norms of the rule of law.