United Nations Industrial Development Organization

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (“UNIDO-IMR”) is an organization established by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, which is specialized in environmental protection and resources recycling. The objective of UNIDO-IMR is to target the awareness on environmental resource crisis of government and people worldwide through efforts and practical solutions to promote the sustainable use of existing resources in a responsible manner. In direct support thereof, UNIDO-IMR is pioneering the new collaboration on sustainable development, eco-industry project demonstration and recycling throughout the economic development chain. UNIDO-IMR will establish and take a global lead in developing the management certification standard system in the field of environment and resources. Under this Standard’ s construction and application development, UNIDO-IMR will cooperate closely with governments, regional organizations and business and industry entities to provide support and assistance on innovative technology and innovative projects generalization and exchange, as well as information service and fund collaboration.