Sinoaccess Corporation

Sinoaccess Corporation (“Sinoaccess”) was established in early 2000 and based in Beijing to focus on investments in the clean-energy, renewable energy, environmental, and carbon markets in China.

Sinoaccess recognizes the growing scientific and political consensus that emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are contributing to climate change worldwide. Sinoaccess further recognizes that our partner companies and markets face significant risks and opportunities associated with climate change, either indirectly through changes in the regulatory environment or directly through changes in the physical investment environment.

Sinoaccess has extensive experience in project development and investment in Kyoto Protocol compliant CDM Project-based Carbon Credits and has entered into formal strategic relationships since 2008 with the Ministry of Water Resources (“MOWR”), and the CDM Fund to develop CDM and low carbon related infrastructure investments in China, across different sectors and technology types, focused on sustainable low carbon development, clean-energy technologies, and more recently has convened strategic relationships and associated programs with the MOWR relative to water scarcity and resource management and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China relative to environmental remediation throughout China.