Ridgeline Entertainment

Ridgeline Entertainment combines decades of mainstream television production experience and the newest interactive social media broadcasting and distribution technologies to bring gripping, character-based programming and dramatic live events television, web, and multi-screen platforms worldwide.

By combining proven storytelling techniques with a world-class production team and the latest audience-targeted demographic insights, Ridgeline creates and delivers attention-grabbing content that captures the hearts and minds of a global audience.

Founded in 2010 by multi-Emmy Award Winner and original “Deadliest Catch” producer Doug Stanley, Ridgeline is focused on telling authentic, compelling, and emotional stories from all corners of the earth. Whether that is a full-feature film, a reality television series, or even a high-quality commercial or infomercial – it’s all about story. As Stanley tells it, nothing is more exciting than seeing “the story come to life through the lens.”