China Clean Development Mechanism Fund

China Clean Development Mechanism Fund (“China CDM Fund”) was established by the Government of China as a pioneering effort of great international significance to take actions of addressing climate change, and to play a piloting role in tackling climate change through international cooperation. The China CDM Fund is one of the first significant steps that the Government of China has taken to clearly demonstrate the importance that it attaches to global climate change, and in supporting the development of sustainable climate change and low carbon related business and industries.

October 2005, MOF, NDRC, MOFA and MOST jointly launched the preparation activity of establishing the CDM Fund. In August 2006, the State Council approved establishing the CDM Fund and its Management Center. On Nov. 9, 2007, MOF and NDRC formally inaugurated the China CMD Fund. The China CDM Fund’s Mandate is under the guidance of a national sustainable development strategy to support and promote national activities of addressing climate change. The China CDM Fund is created as a policy-oriented and development focused non-profit, long-term and open-ended state-owned fund. The China CDM Fund will rely on extensive domestic and international cooperation to enhance its operation, and give full play as a funding source, a platform of financial cooperation, a platform of cooperative actions and a platform of information collection and dissemination. The Board of the China CDM Fund is the inter-departmental coordination institution for CDM Fund affairs.