U.S. University Prep Program

ncsd-gwu_V1GW-NCSD U.S. University Prep is a four-week (6 credit) program offers international high school students experience at the George Washington University. Courses focusing on advanced English language learning for students whom English as a Second Language.

When you attend the Pre-college program, you will be considered as enroll our College Success Series. Students may also have opportunities speak with admission advisors, visit the campus around Washington DC. Also, there are full of the well-respected institutions and historic buildings on GWU campus.

Students interested in the GW-NCSD U.S. University Prep (July 17 – August 12) have opportunities in the following areas of study:

  • EAP 1010: Academic Communication (3 credits)
  • EAP 1015: American Multicultural Perspectives: Washington, D.C. (3 credits)

This is a special program jointly designed by the NCSD China America Education Fund and the George Washington University, to offer summer opportunities for international high school students to experience engaging academic summer programs in the heart of Washington, DC. Upon completion with the program, NCSD China America Education Fund will send you the certification for the summer program and George Washington University also will provide you an educational certification. You can do multiple payments with your credit card to make sure that pay full amounts of the program costs. Please make sure that you have the correct email address filled so that we can contact you properly.     read more

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