Leadership Training Programs

The NCSD CAE Fund will initiate an ongoing process of exchanges for young women pursuing an undergraduate degree in China and the United States and enrich the experience of both with greater exposure to their respective cultures, languages, history, political and economic systems. In addition to broad liberal arts components, the curriculum will be augmented with these cross-cultural components and modules of learning.

Chinese women participating in the program will also have the opportunity to enroll in an intensive 8-10 week leadership training module during the first and second summer of their undergraduate career – the “Leadership Training – Washington, D.C. Summer Program (Washington, D.C. Summer). This will enable students to gain a foundational understanding of American history, culture, politics and how this has shaped institutions of national government in Washington, D.C. and its worldview. The third Washington, D.C. Summer would be a “hands on” internship or project which would add to the understanding of how Washington, D.C. works. A similar program will be initiated for “Beijing Summer” in 2017 along similar lines for American undergraduate women.

All student costs for summer tuition, housing, transportation, food, special events participation or incidental costs of the Washington, D.C. Summer program will be billed separately to participating student sponsors. NCSD’s offices in China and the United States will manage and coordinate all aspects of the program with participating institutions.

Programs of cooperation with specific institutions, dates when programs will commence, and other details will be forthcoming.