We Care About Education, Energy & Environment

Education is a common foundation of Humanity Development



Energy is the lifeblood of modern civilization

We believe in purpose and appreciate intelligence

Promoting Energy Saving & Energy Production Efficiency

We love imagination, character and integrity

Promoting Strategies for Integrating Renewable Sources in Coherent Energy System

Life is about continue learning and communicating

Promote to give our kids and grandkids the cleaner, safer future they deserve





E-3 is the core of understanding Sustainable Development. All other issues have their basis in the convergence of these themes and the highest priority from a human perspective is Education. Education is the basis upon which we learn and communicate ideas: therefore, it is appropriate that a focus on global issues of Energy and the Environment has Education as the common foundation.


Education is basically the only way out of the Energy and Environmental legacy world we inhabit. Without learning and communicating across cultures and generations: we cannot begin to understand the true consequences and costs of our behavior.


Energy is the lifeblood of modern civilization and enables growth and prosperity. Traditional production methods and the long lasting effects of that production leave a great need for improvement.


The Environmental is where we all live, what we breathe, what we eat and how we shape it to suit both our economic and political needs. There is no escape from our treatment of the environment.



Climate change is everyone’s business. Climate change is now acknowledged as a global problem and while global solutions and the agreement are long-term issues we believe we can and must demonstrate that there is a “middle way” between doing nothing and a total global solution. We will undertake projects and programs which will inform, educate, demonstrate and share practices that are locally responsible and that encourage local communities to create jobs and stimulate economic benefit while slowly removing the generation of GHG from the economic and social equation. We welcome similar efforts by all who seek to promote the global sustainable low carbon economy.

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