China America Education Fund

The NCSD China America Education Fund (CAE Fund) is designed to build strong relationships between today’s students who will be tomorrow’s leaders of both China and America. Societies separated by language, history, culture, and ethnicity are desperately in need of leaders who share the ability to communicate, comprehend and accept differences in perspective on current and next generation issues critically important to the political futures of both nations.

The future leaders of China and America need, from a young age, to learn to respect opinions based upon different political circumstances that they have inherited in their respective systems. Our vision of tomorrow’s leaders of the G-2 nations is built upon areas of agreement and cooperation. Learning to approach each other based upon what they share in common. This core leadership education philosophy rests upon the future of how these two great nations can grow together. Bring the strengths of both to a Sustainable Future for all humanity.

For those who wish to learn and agree that the future is in the hands of the young: this program is specifically design for you, the future leaders, to dedicate your lives to the path of cooperation and success.