Goal and Objective


Establish tangible cross-collaboration at the product and design level. Provide a permanent venue for innovative technologies and products to showcase and explore collaboration with small and mid-size companies from United States, Europe, Asia, India,

China and the developing world. Technology introduced and supported under CGI services that results in commercial production, suitable distribution channel establishment, investment into the operation and job creation in all addressable markets will be considered a success. CGI is an independent project demonstration service unit under the NCSD.

During the CGI process we will invite global entrepreneurial platform supporters to each approve CGI technology innovation effort to prepare case studies and assist in research and development on these living examples of small business export potential. In this way the true importance of the “demonstration project approach” can be realized as the learning tool as it was always imagined. The collaboration process will hopefully work with the concept for scale production and manufacturing for any national small business exemplar who is chosen to bring production from bench or pre-commercialization to commercialization within that context. This will stimulate investment and will bridge the hardest part of helping small businesses achieve their goals.