Between June 11-12th, in working with GAC, ANDE’s China distribution reseller, ANDE’sVice President, Identification Applications, Julie French, hosted a very first bone sample processing demonstration conference in Beijing. This is the very first time that the Chinese forensic professionals from both scientific and law enforcement communities have witnessed firsthand of ANDE’s Rapid DNA technology using the ANDE 6C instrument and iChips in real time to process the fresh and aged bone sample with a satisfying positive identification result in just 90 minutes.

During the conference, Julie also presented a full overview in bone sample collection, selection, preparation for different types of bone samples and techniques in solving aged and degraded bone samples using the ANDE DNA instrument and tools.

About ANDE

ANDE is the global leader in Rapid DNA. With a mission to use Rapid DNA to create a safer world, ANDE’s pioneering work is already having major impacts in the wide range of applications in the U.S. and internationally. ANDE believes that moving DNA analysis from sophisticated laboratories to the police station, battlefield, borders, and disaster sites will dramatically transform public safety and strengthen national security. By reducing crime, exonerating the innocent, monitoring borders, and reuniting families, Rapid DNA represents a fundamental opportunity for the public and private sectors to protect the innocent.