The world is preparing to shift into a faster change cycle of smart manufacturing by utilizing many frontier developments in the manufacturing space, including 5G, IOT AI and digital automation management. NCSD provides a business development acceleration services platform to facilitate SMEs in the United States in engaging international partners in investment, market access and technology licensing. The purpose is to take advantages of domestic and international manufacturing industry’s transformation and apply to the next generation market development and provides business consulting to guide both US and international manufacturing players in technology collaboration, market application and access, and investment opportunity for acceleration cooperation purposes.

Small business technology innovation exchange, investment dialogue and business collaboration reference a marketplace for the transparent and informed expression of innovation coming from both US and Asia technology companies that solve real problems in the building of solutions to global energy, environmental, agricultural, trade and efficiency challenges. As we prepare to enter the second decade of the 21st century, Asia has reached a universally acknowledged position of preeminence in many global fields. Yet, massive internal challenges remain to implement corrective actions sought by governments. We recognize this, and try to advance the idea that perhaps through business collaboration we accelerate the industry development and thus to address any challenges facing the industries.

Since its founding, NCSD has promoted multi-level exchanges between the United States, European and Asian SMEs and achieves its goals through the propagation of demonstration projects to show the value of innovative thinking and application in the fields of energy, environment, water resources, biosciences, healthcare, and education. We are actively initiating demonstration projects to promote sustainable development objectives through business engagement and cooperation.

The NCSD Board of Trustees consists of several former U.S. government officials and doctorate level engineering and Emmy award winning media innovators who bring special expertise to the design and implementation of the demonstration projects NCSD undertakes. Our focus is also to communicate what we do better so that all can benefit from our successes and mistakes!

Chairman’s Note – Fall 2022


Since my last posting on this subject much has happened that NCSD can be grateful for in terms of serving as a catalyst for other developments good for the planet, nation states and the people that live throughout the world. All we are and hope to be is a guide or observer and amplify good work when we see it! This year 2022 I believe we have gone beyond the role of observer to help a remarkable series of events take place that are for the good of all the world’s people.
Early in 2022, we became familiar with a remarkable American company named Energy Vault which was pioneering the technology of “gravity energy storage.” I certainly was sent to the drawing board to figure this out: by combining the moving of massive weights, the force of gravity all controlled by highly advanced software allows the physical principle underlying hydropower to be recreated anywhere. Gravity is so elegantly natural a solution and so evident in our lives we don’t give it a thought.
Lift a heavy weight when electricity that would otherwise be wasted is abundant and the latent energy of a suspended weight is converted to kinetic energy as it is lowered and drives a turbine. Do this in a true coordinated fashion and great amounts of otherwise lost electricity can be conserved for when they are needed most. Up and Down, Up and Down – all Natural one giga watt at a time.  Intermittent sources of renewable energy; solar and wind produce huge amounts of electricity usually at around a similar time, to date there is nothing at scale that can “store it “until needed.
From an economic development standpoint many countries have invested billions of dollars in bringing solar and wind electricity production online without the efficient infrastructure to use it all. The “grid” becomes a train yard with too many trains all arriving at the same time and nowhere to unload the electrons. Energy Vault is the warehouse on the siding to store the electrons until needed. Whether it is huge windfarm or a household “net metering” with solar panels on the roof too much is available some times and not enough other times. Electricity produced but not consumed immediately is lost.
It is estimated that in the transmission of electricity from far away production to point of consumption the loss is in excess of ten percent (10%) due to the impedance of copper wires the electricity rides to its destination. NCSD is not a technical authority, by any means, but it is an observer and this makes huge sense.  We are continuing to work with Energy Vault and we will explore ways to bring similar natural/ logical technologies to light and promote their use.  Several such technologies are queueing up to get the NCSD “NGO push” and we are glad to help; as all humanity is on the same road to a better and more natural relationship with our world.
Thank you