Board of Advisors


John P. Mackey, Esq.

John P. Mackey, Esq. was formerly Republican Investigative Counsel for the House Foreign Affairs Committee (1992-2008) where as a staff member he played a leading role in development of the successful Plan Colombia assistance program and its oversight and effective implementation. In addition, he helped develop the outlines of the Merida aid initiative for Mexico in recent years to fight crime and illicit narcotics based on many lessons from Colombia. He handled oversight inquiries and investigation, as well as the issues of international terrorism, narcotics control, and global organized crime, particularly in the former Soviet Union.

A lawyer by trade, Mr. Mackey previously served as a special agent of the FBI in posts in Peoria, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, among other assignments. He later practiced law in New York City for several years, before returning to government service in both the Reagan and Bush One Administrations. Before his long posting on Capitol Hill, he served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General, and an Associate Deputy Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), where he handled both legislative affairs and the confirmations of federal judges (including to the U.S. Supreme Court) and key Justice Department nominees before the U.S. Senate.


Josephine Haden Ludolph

Ms. Haden is a nationally known painter artist and educator. Her art is in many national collections and displayed in American embassies on three continents. Her works are in many private collections and museums as well as the private collection of President William Clinton. She has close ties to and is an occasional lecturer at the Marymount University in Virginia. She is a leading thinker in art, culture and education and advises curators and educators on fine art education. In 2010, She was a fellowship winner of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. She was the national award winner of the Liquitex Company as the best acrylic painter in the United States in 2000. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and served on its University Alumni Committees. She has an MA from George Washington University and is a founding member of the Luther Brady Gallery at George Washington University in Washington D.C.


Tom Mackey

Tom Mackey is EVP of Mitsubishi Polycrystalline Silicon America Corporation and has 26 years of experience in the environmental and nonferrous metal businesses of tin, tungsten, silicon and the rare earth metals of neodymium, praseodymium and dysprosium. He has extensive experience in managing environmental and non-ferrous metal operations specifically in the extraction, refining, purification and alloying of environmentally sounded nonferrous metals and products. He is experienced in plant operations and management and has been involved in the start-up of two new plants, one for the production of rare earth metals, alloys and powders for high strength permanent magnets and another for the production of high purity polycrystalline silicon for semiconductor and photovoltaic applications. He is a member of Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), American Society for Metals (ASM), Boy Scouts of America, Texas A&M Association of Former Students, Board Member American Red Cross Mobile Chapter, Board Member and Steering Committee Member Mitsubishi Polycrystalline Silicon America Corporation, Past Board Member: Neomet Corporation, Airtrust Group, Malaysian Titanium Corporation, Reactive Metals and Minerals Corporation.

Mr. Mackey has an MBA from the University of Houston, Clear Lake City, Texas, 1984, and a BS in Industrial Engineering with minor in Material Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 1978.